Flying high in Denmark’s Freetown Christiana

'You are now leaving the European Union'. A slight pang of fear crept into my body as I walked past the sign that greeted me entering freetown Christiana in Copenhagen.  Copenhagen was a momentous trip for me. It was my first time travelling completely solo. I had been told Copenhagen was one of the safest... Continue Reading →


Ticking Off the Northern Lights in Iceland 

I'm still pinching myself. Being able to see the Aurora Borealis, aka Northern Lights, with the naked eye has been at the top of my bucket list. It did not disappoint. I expected it to be beyond freezing. It wasn't. Roughly -1°C was the lowest temperature it reached. I expected to trek deep into no... Continue Reading →

Climbing a Sticky Waterfall in Thailand 

Water is cascading around you, christening your body as you maneuver your way up through the rock's creaks. There's nothing quite like it; climbing a waterfall is such an exhilarating experience.  After discovering Bua Tong on a blog in my research of Chiang Mai, I knew it was a must do. It was everything I... Continue Reading →

Experiencing a Raw Side of Hong Kong 

Stepping off the ferry, I instantly fell in love. It felt homely, just like the other Asian countries I have been to. Cheung Chau island just off mainland Hong Kong was a nice getaway. Compared to the busy, bustling life in the city, Cheung Chau was a fascinating contrast exposing a raw side of Hong Kong.   From... Continue Reading →

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