Rediscovering the Infamous Pompeii in Italy 

​"And the walls kept tumbling down In the city that we love Grey clouds roll over the hills Bringing darkness from above"  Bastille (Song: Pompeii) 24 August 79AD, a day that will be remembered for the worst. A day where Mount Vesuvius in Italy's south erupted, leaving towns buried deep in volcanic ash and soot.... Continue Reading →


4 Things I Have Learnt So Far Travelling the World

7 months ago l hopped on a plane seeking adventure out of the norm of my everyday life. Every single day thus far has been a new adventure in itself, experiencing and learning new things daily.  Now that it's roughly the half way point on this #gap✈year adventure, here's 4 main things I have learnt... Continue Reading →

Experiencing Snow for the First Time in Lapland

It was love at first sight. Everything I have ever dreamed of and more. Soaring over snowy fields and white trees as I came into land, it felt like I was entering the magical winter wonderlands that you see in the movies. Rovaniemi in the Lapland region of Finland was my first time in snow... Continue Reading →


Not Your Stereotypical Favela in Brazil

"Tourist shot dead after straying into favela." "Violence seeps back into favelas after Olympics." It's headlines like these that leave you somewhat fearful to even be in close vicinity to a favela in Rio de Janeiro or elsewhere in Brazil. I never thought I'd step foot into a favela, but here I was. And I... Continue Reading →


Glacier Trekking in Patagonia

I took a deep breath and exhaled. A white puff of coolness filled the air.  I was so cold.  There I stood, crampons intact, in the midst of an ice masterpiece that is Viedma Glacier in El Chatén, Argentina - a region belonging to Patagonia.  Moments before I was embarking the boat, battling my way through... Continue Reading →


Feeding the Underprivileged in the Slums of Peru 

There is a big discrepancy between the rich and poor in Lima, Peru with over 50% living below the line.  This reality is absolutely astonishing to comprehend seeing the tourist areas of Lima with streets looking very modern, far from the poverty statistics. But go some streets back and that's unfortunately where the underlying reality... Continue Reading →


Stuck Inside a Volcano Crater in Ecuador

Taking the final step to reach the top of the volcano crater was the most satisfying feeling after 3 strenuous days of trekking the Quilotoa Loop in Ecuador. But what was supposed to be the gratifying reward to ending the hike eventually turned into a nightmare. It started off 4 days earlier in Latacunga. That... Continue Reading →


Colombia Converted Me Into a ‘Football’ Fan 

Tip: Be prepared to act as crazy as all the locals even if you have no idea what's going on.  Boy South American soccer (aka football) matches are one of a kind. One must not leave South America without experiencing one. I'm not the biggest soccer fan but this was by far a highlight of... Continue Reading →


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