Colombia Converted Me Into a ‘Football’ Fan 

Tip: Be prepared to act as crazy as all the locals even if you have no idea what’s going on. 

Boy South American soccer (aka football) matches are one of a kind. One must not leave South America without experiencing one. I’m not the biggest soccer fan but this was by far a highlight of Colombia.

The atmosphere is so electrifying you can’t help but join along chanting songs you don’t know the words to in a different language and pretending like you know what’s happening in the match. Everyone is on their feet, jumping up and down, chanting team songs. A sea of red jerseys brighten the stadium with team banners spread wide. The marching band sets the crowd off and amplifies the cheering and chanting. Literally EVERY second of the match. 

I only paid $10 for tickets, a bargain compared to sport game prices back home. The seats were great, right next to the hooligans bay. The match was only a local game between 2 Medellin teams but the atmosphere and energy were insane. I can only imagine what a national game would feel like.

I spent 80% of time watching the hooligans bay. It was so mesmerising watching people with so much passion for a sport. Patron safety isn’t really endorsed with fans standing on the polls over the ledges of the crowd, holding onto a banner as their only safety. A last minute goal to win the match sent the crowd into hysterics. I never really understood why there was so much riot Police at the stadium but now I can picture why.

I buzzed away hungry for another soccer match experience in South America. It truly is a highlight for all, soccer fans or not.


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